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Introduction to the 30 Day Challenge.
First Thing Routine
30 Day Challenge Eve
Day 1-Relax
Day 2-Drive Slower
Day 3 Watch a sun set
Day 4-Forest Bathing
Day 5-Random Acts of Kindness
Day 6 -Native American Flute Music
Day 7-Walk
Day 8- Deep Breathing
Day 9: Watch animals
Day 10- Sit by a Campfire (or candle)
Day 11-Create Something
Day 12-Use Less Technology
Day 13-Feel Young Again
Day 14-Read
Day 15-Call someone
Day 16-Take the Long Way Home
Day 17-Sunrise
Day 18-Silence!
Day 19-Walk Barefoot in Grass
Day 20-Eat Slower
Day 21-Meditate
Day 22-Write to Future Self
Day 23-Be Near Water
Day 24-Yoga
Day 25-Make and Earth Mandala
Day 26-Grateful List
Day 27-Spend Time in Nature
Day 28-Give Back
Day 29-Connect with Someone F2F
Day 30-Watch the Night Sky
Last day of the Challenge-Thank Yourself