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Are You Passionate About Something? Let Others Know It!

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You might be surprised how easy it is to inspire others. Sometimes just posting a picture of the beauty you found during your evening walk is enough to motivate and inspire someone to go for a walk.

Do you like to do yoga? Play golf? Run? Whatever you like to do…let others know about it! Bring friends with you, post about it on social media or get a window decal for your car boasting about what you are passionate about! You might just help change someone’s life by encouraging them to find a healthy passion too.

I recently started making vinyl decals for my car and laptop that represent the healthy lifestyle I like to lead. Its my way of putting it out into the Universe, that I like to Kayak, do Yoga, go camping and ride bicycles. The more I see the decals, the more my brain is thinking about those activities. That’s a good thing!

If you are interested in telling the Universe and your friends that you are passionate about something, you may want to put a temporary vinyl decal on your laptop cover or window of your car, home or office. The decals can be removed if needed, but they should stay nicely put for about 3 years.

All of my decals are custom made…and I will try my best to make one with your passion! Check out the ones I have already created in the shop. If you have any suggestions, feel free to fill out the form below!