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Technology Diet (Pt 1)

Tech diet

Most of us need to cut back on using Technology.

We can’t escape it!  Sometimes, even if we tell ourselves or others to put the technology away…we/they are still thinking about it.  How many of us reach for our phones at stop lights?  How many of us can just do one quick thing on their cell phone or tablet without it leading to checking on other things?

Brain research tells us we need to a break from technology.  We need to sleep more/better, we need to reset our brains.  And just like with any diet, there are better ways to implement good technology habits in our lives.

There is definitely differences in the way each generation has grown up with technology. 

Each generation has been given a name (the names vary a little depending on the source), but here are the ones I’m going to use in this post:

GenerationBirth Year
Silent/Traditional 1925-1945
Baby Boomers 1946-1964
Generation X
(Lost Generation)
Net Generation
(First to have computer access)
(Internet, ipod, ipad, iphone)
Generation C
(Connected, creative, collaborative)
? 2000+

Which generation are you? I actually feel like I belong in Generation C because I’m connected, creative and collaborative…but I’m a Baby Boomer. And I’m hooked on technology! There…I said it. Admitting it is half the battle. However, I’m armed with tools that help me fight my struggle. These tools can work for you as well as your family and friends!

We actually need to reset our brains. We may think we are multitasking when we have our nose in our phones but we are not. We are only partially attending to the world when we are skimming Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube.

We all tend to have FOMO…Fear Of Missing Out. Who is liking our Facebook or Instagram posts? Let me look for a way to make a fun birthday cake on Pinterest. Have you seen how cute these baby kittens are? TIME OUT!

Even those in the Silent Generation (born before 1946) are hooked on their smart phones. I’m not sure if they are juggling a lot of social media sites like the iGeneration and Generation C but I still see them at restaurants looking at their cell phones while they are waiting for their meals to come to their tables. Its an epidemic and we all need help!

Surely you have felt it…the drain of brain power. You don’t really know things deeply…just surface level. For us in the older generations…Generation X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation…we remember when there were only 3 major channels that came on TV, and they signed off at night. Our phone was attached to a wall and for the lucky ones, a 6 foot cord. That was the time that we knew things deeply. We had the time to work on things, learn things, think about them for a while. There were no distractions.

We need to only look back to that time to find the answer to our brain drain. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to live in a house without TV or WiFi. The thought of that causes a slight panic to rise…or is it nausea? And if you stop having WiFi at your house I’m pretty sure you won’t see much of your kids or grandkids!

Cartoon of someone leaving quickly when they find out there isn’t any WiFi .

What do you think it will take to get your brain to reset? What do you need to feel calm, peaceful and productive? What can you do that won’t alienate yourself from family and friends?

Technology Diet (Pt 2) will provide some specific activities to help!